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  • Weigh Training Over 65 Years Benefits Brain

    Weight Training Over 65 Years Benefits Brain

    We all know that exercising keeps our muscles from shrinking, but scientists at the University of British Columbia examined how weight training impacts our brains. A preliminary experiment specifically examining the relationship between resistance training and brain health discovered that regular weigh lifting sessions could slow age-related shrinking of white matter, a material that connects different regions of the brain and allows them […] More

  • family running

    Running From An Early Age Has Many Benefits

    Nowadays, children are fat… and getting fatter. Research suggests that 24% of two- to five–year–old kids are overweight or obese, and excessive weight gain is increasing in older children and teenagers. Sobering news for your child, if you consider the long–term health implications as your kids grow towards adulthood and become susceptible to the problems […] More

  • The Truth About Sweeteners

    Are non-nutritive sweeteners doing more harm than good? In the battle with the bulge many people stop using the processed sugar and switch to non-nutritive artificial and natural sweeteners for an appropriate alternative. Some people even think that these products are healthier alternatives to natural sugar. Food producers also include numerous forms of artificial sweeteners […] More

  • Vitamins Keep Your Mind Fit

    Vitamins Keep Your Mind Fit

    Every day you should pile your plate with fresh fruit and vegetables to keep your mind fit. We all know how important vitamins from fresh, organic fruit and vegetables are for our mental and physical health. There’s also a number of studies carried out that prove there’s a connection between our diet and our mental health. Various […] More

  • How Cycling Beats the Signs of Ageing

    How Cycling Beats the Signs of Ageing

    Ageing is something that happens to everybody — we cant stop it or battle, but getting older doesn’t mean that we have to stop riding. In fact, cycling may help deal with the tell-tale signs of ageing. It seems that delaying the signs of ageing is the goal of every face cream and wonder food; […] More

  • How Caffeine Improves Your Runs

    How Caffeine Improves Your Runs

    Whether it’s the newest high performance running shoe or ditching gluten, runners are seemingly always looking for something that will give them an edge over the competitors. But if you really want to perk up your exercise and races, science still shows that the legal stimulant called caffeine can put more zip in your stride. […] More

  • Training the Mind For Sport

    Everyone who has ever competed at a high level of sport knows that controlling the mind is often the difference between winning and losing. At high levels, everyone is physically gifted and skilled, so the winner is often decided by whoever has the strongest mind. For more than hundred years, experts have known that central nervous system fatigue […] More

  • How Exercise Boosts Your Brain Power?

    How Exercise Boosts Your Brain Power?

    Great shape? Check. Increased energy? Check. Enhanced confidence? Check! We all know that working out ticks all the healthy boxes, but did you know that regular exercise boosts your brain power, too? 1 Builds up your mental muscle Everyone knows that working up a sweat can help trim those extra inches, but regular exercise will […] More

  • Reishi Mushroom Boosts Brain Function


    Reishi Mushroom Boosts Brain Function

    The whole planet hails the reishi mushroom – the fungi that boosts your brain function by stimulating energy without using caffeine. The more neuron energy, the faster your brain can make connections, which improves memory function and slows down the ageing of your mental muscle. Experts suggests that reishi is a must-have brain medicine. More

  • Exercise-Associated Hyponatraemia

    Exercise-Associated Hyponatraemia

    Exercise-Associated Hyponatraemia is caused by one thing only: voluntary over-drinking of any fluids. Exercise-Associated Hyponatraemia (EAH) results in water retention throughout the body. The most affected organ is the brain because the skull limits its capacity to swell. In EAH as with encephalopathy, if the brain swells too much pressure rises, first leading to loss […] More

  • Drinking Colostrum Boosts Your Strength and Power

    Drinking Colostrum Boosts Your Strength and Power

    The benefits of cows’ milk as a recovery aid has already been well documented, but new studies suggest that runners and cyclists may benefit even more from consuming colostrum. Colostrum is the first milk secreted by cows after giving birth and has naturally high levels of protein and antibodies. If you drink it regularly, this […] More

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