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  • It's Time for Cyclocrossing

    It’s Time for Cyclocrossing

    As the leaves start to fall, the thoughts of most enthusiastic riders turn to racing around trails and fields on just slightly modified road bikes with knobbly tyres. Cyclocross bikes offer a good alternative to spending the fall and winter on a road bike on wet roads, and they may even be a better option […] More

  • What to Look For in a Cyclocross Bike

    What to Look For in a Cyclocross Bike?

    Cyclocrossing represents a viable alternative to road biking on wet roads. If you are planning to buy a new cyclocross bike, here is some advice what to look for and pay attention to. 1 Brakes The best is to opt for a bike with disc brakes. The advantage of discs is that they do provide more consistent […] More