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  • Breast Cancer in Numbers

    Breast Cancer in Numbers

    Did you know that… 99% of women have a survival rate of more than 5 years when they detect breast cancer early and it’s still confined to the breast. 40% of breast cancers are first detected by self-exams. 40 is the age when all women should start having annual mammograms. If you are younger but have a family […] More

  • Do You Know That Rich Social Life Heals?

    Do You Know That Rich Social Life Heals?

    Do you need another reason to treasure your sisters in sweat? A new study published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology discovered that women with rich social life are two times more likely to survive a breast cancer diagnosis. From now on, hug your running buddies just a little more tightly. More

  • birth control pills

    Contraceptive Pills Protect From Womb Cancer

    Contraceptive pills come with some side effects and health risks. However, beside their obvious benefit of preventing unwanted pregnancy, they also have other health benefits. A recent review of studies published in the Lancet Oncology Journal suggested that contraceptive pills had saved about 200,000 women from womb cancer in the last ten years. The review of thirty-six studies […] More