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  • Tips to Have Glowing Skin

    Tips to Have Glowing Skin

    Here are some top health tips for glowing skin. 1 Eat foods you can grow, hunt or gather Avoid processed or refined food. Include healthy fats like avocado, olive oil and coconut oil, because they work miraculously for your complexion. 2 Manage stress Controlling stress in the key. Try yoga, breathing exercises or meditation to help you […] More

  • What Is Exercise-Induced Asthma?

    What Is Exercise-Induced Asthma?

    Sometimes difficulty breathing when you run can be a symptom of an underlying condition. Research shows that one in eleven people in the UK live with asthma. A small number have exercise-induced asthma – they only experience symptoms, such as tightness in the chest, wheezing, difficulty breathing, and/or dry cough, when they exercise. When you work out and breathe […] More

  • How Well Do You Breath?

    How Deep Is Your Breathing?

    Breathing is our permanent companion—we wouldn’t survive without it for more than a couple of minutes. Learn why deep breathing is so important for your well-being. Inhalation gives our body the vital fuel (oxygen) that it needs to function, and exhalation eliminates the toxins (particularly carbon dioxide) produced as we go about our daily tasks. Deep breathing is […] More

  • Evaluate Your Current Fitness Level

    Choose Proper Exercise for Your Fitness Level

    It’s essential that any exercise you do matches your ever-changing fitness and lifestyle needs. Otherwise it won’t be a safe, effective, and pleasant way of producing the results you want—whether that’s increased cardio capacity, a slimmer waist, or more toned arms and abs. So in order to choose the most appropriate exercise for your unique […] More

  • Swimming for Rehab

    Swimming for Rehab

    Swimming for rehab – not only strengthens your muscles, it also increases joint mobility and range of motion, all with no significant pressure on your joints. What is more, water temperatures help deliver to your joints warm synovial fluid that combats inflammation. Five facts why swimming is good for rehab: 1) 30 minutes of aquatic training […] More

  • How to Exercise Safely

    How to Exercise Safely

    If you want to stay healthy and avoid injury, you need to make sure you always exercise safely. If it’s safe and painless, you’re more likely to stick to it. Here are some tips how to workout safely and rules what you should never do during a training session. Always √ do a warm-up routine before […] More

  • Proper Breathing for Best Performance

    Proper Breathing for Better Performance

    Breathe in, breathe out—simple right? Not so fast. When it comes to training, the art of inhaling and exhaling is of crucial importance. Whether the goal is running, cycling, swimming, or diving with ease, read on to discover the best breathing exercises to put optimal performance well within reach. 1 Become aware of your breathing, whether you’re […] More

  • On a Single Breath of Air

    On a Single Breath

    Free-divers swim extraordinary distances and depths on one lungful of air, using strategies that could help any runner or rider. Hanli Prinsloo, superstar of the deep, shares her knowledge and experience Fastening a wetsuit and slipping into a dolphin inspired monofin, free-diver Hanli Prinsloo is on her way to a place she feels truly at home. Calm […] More