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  • improve your breathing

    Improve Your Breathing

    How much attention do you give to your breathing? Research shows that a lot of people don’t make full use of their lungs while running. Try making small changes to improve your breathing and introducing yoga into your week schedule, and soon you’ll see positive changes and improve your running performance. When did you last […] More

  • Relaxation Exercise to Fall Asleep Fast

    Relaxation Exercise to Fall Asleep Fast

    Can a couple of minutes a day make a difference? Say goodbye to restless bedtimes with a combination of meditation and yoga. Try this 10-minute before-bed relaxation exercise that is designed to help people to fall asleep fast. A good night’s sleep may feel like a luxury if you’re suffering from insomnia. According to a recent study, 56% of British women don’t sleep well. […] More

  • The Ultimate Cheat Sheet On Breathing

    The Ultimate Cheat Sheet On Breathing

    Breathing is a reflex: it’s something you do automatically and independently of your conscious mind between 5,000-30,000 times a day and two million to 500 million times during your lifetime. Breathing marks the beginning and end of your life. Keep in mind, if don’t breath right, this can significantly affect your running experience. CONTROL YOUR BREATHING While […] More

  • Proper Breathing for Best Performance

    Proper Breathing for Better Performance

    Breathe in, breathe out—simple right? Not so fast. When it comes to training, the art of inhaling and exhaling is of crucial importance. Whether the goal is running, cycling, swimming, or diving with ease, read on to discover the best breathing exercises to put optimal performance well within reach. 1 Become aware of your breathing, whether you’re […] More

  • On a Single Breath of Air

    On a Single Breath

    Free-divers swim extraordinary distances and depths on one lungful of air, using strategies that could help any runner or rider. Hanli Prinsloo, superstar of the deep, shares her knowledge and experience Fastening a wetsuit and slipping into a dolphin inspired monofin, free-diver Hanli Prinsloo is on her way to a place she feels truly at home. Calm […] More