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  • Five Highlights of the Pennine Way

    Five Highlights of the Pennine Way

    The Pennine Way offers best hiking and biking trails along with stunning views. Here are five most amazing points of the Pennine Way. 1 HIGH CUP, Cumbria You are approaching High Cup and suddenly the ground opens up beneath you like an earthquake in slow motion, revealing an apocalyptic chasm. The symmetrical U-shaped valley of whinstone cliffs and dolerite […] More

  • Weekend Adventure on Helvellyn

    Weekend Adventure on Helvellyn

    Helvellyn in Cumbria might only be the third highest summit in the UK, but it is number one for stunning views and exciting ascents. Embark on a wonderful adventure on Helvellyn. Why: The Lake District National Park is the ideal playground for outdoor adventure enthusiasts, and its crowning glory is the towering mountain of Helvellyn. Even its name combines excitement and menace, […] More

  • Postmen Burn the Most Calories

    Postmen Burn the Most Calories

    Postmen are on the top of a new chart for Britain’s most active workers, while desk jockeys have to beware the health pitfalls of staying seated all day. Postmen and women are Britain’s fitness champions, doing more exercise every day than any other workforce, according to new research. In a typical day, a postman or […] More

  • Challenge of 100km: Race to the Stones

    Challenge of 100km: Race to the Stones

    Walk It, Jog It or Run It Dixons Carphone Race to the Stones 11th-12th July 2015 Take up the super 100km challenge of on foot along the oldest, 5,000-year-old, path in Great Britain. Fully supported 100km challenge along the iconic Ridgeway. Run it or walk it from the start line in Oxfordshire to the finish next to the 3,000-year-old stone […] More