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  • Benefits of High-Intensity Burpees

    Benefits of High-Intensity Burpees

    High-intensity interval training (HIIT) alternating intense and short exercise bouts with rest, results in fast increases in fitness. A Canadian study on HIIT discovered that two weeks of training increased exercise capacity by 22%, maximal oxygen consumption by 17%, glycogen storage by 28%, and citrate synthase (a measure of cellular oxygen consumption) by 38%. A study from the University […] More

  • Get Fit with a 30-Day Burpee Challenge

    Get Fit with a 30-Day Burpee Challenge

    Doing burpees is the one exercise that does it all. Take our burpee challenge to get a firmer and fitter body in the next 30 days. The burpee is probably one of the more demanding fitness moves but that’s because it engages almost every muscle – everything from triceps and biceps to abs, back, glutes and calves. And this means […] More