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  • 3 Yoga Poses To Relieve Stress

    Nowadays, our lives are often stressful. Do you feel stressed too? Many people use yoga to relax their minds and body. Do these 3 yoga poses and you’ll naturally and effectively relieve stress in a few minutes. 1. Standing Forward Fold (Uttanasana) calms the nervous system, relieves anxiety and fatigue, and decompresses the spine. 2. Child’s […] More

  • Walk to Live Longer

    Walk to Live Longer

    Want to live longer? A new Australian study says swapping one hour of sitting with walking every day can do just that. The findings, published in the International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity, reviewed data from more than 200,000 middle-aged and senior adults over a 4-year period and discovered that a 1-hour walk every day reduced risk […] More

  • 60-Minute Or HIIT Sessions Are Best!

    60-Minute Or HIIT Sessions Are Best!

    A recent study published in the American Heart Association’s journal Circulation has discovered that while the commonly recommended 150 minutes of moderate exercise a week will provide some cardiovascular benefit, it should be considered the bare minimum needed to keep your heart in check. In order to combat chronic disease and maintain a healthy weight, aim for 60-minute sweat training sessions. When that’s not doable, do […] More

  • Stronger Bones: Exercises And Nutrition Tips

    Stronger Bones: Exercises And Nutrition Tips

    Nutrition strategies and exercise are often connected to building a leaner, more athletic-looking body. But there are also numerous health benefits of practicing regular exercise and nutritional habits such as bone health. In this article, we’ll look at what the research tells us on nutrition, supplementation and exercise for building and maintaining healthy and strong bones. […] More

  • 8 Tips For Becoming A Weekend Warrior

    8 Tips For Becoming A Weekend Warrior

    During the week, there’s often not enough time to exercise, thus you can decide to train on the weekend. Here are 8 tips for becoming a weekend warrior. 1. Commit to exercise every weekend. Get yourself in the habit of exercising on both Friday and Saturday. This will help balance out any faux pas you might make on the weekend and will […] More

  • 7 Tips To Eat Mindfully

    7 Tips To Eat Mindfully

    Living a mindful life has become a widely discussed topic. Your diet should also be part of it. Here are 7 tips that will help you to eat mindfully. 1 Enjoy your food. Taste it, savour it, and appreciate it – your body will thank you soon. 2 Don’t deprive yourself of any food or food group. The […] More

  • 6 Tips to Prevent A Hangover

    6 Tips to Prevent A Hangover

    Having a night out with friends is fun but drinking too much alcohol leads to uncomfortable consequences, which we all want to avoid. Here are six tips that will help you prevent a hangover. 1 EAT ENOUGH After-work drinks and office parties often start on an empty stomach—the fastest way to having a hangover. Food slows […] More

  • High Intake of Diary Increases Risk of Prostate Cancer

    High Intake of Diary Increases Risk of Prostate Cancer

    An analysis that combined the findings of 32 studies showed that high intake of dairy foods increased the risk of prostate cancer by 3-9%. However, calcium supplements didn’t increase the risk. Non-fat as well as whole milk increased the risk of prostate cancer to the same extent, so some component of milk other than calcium or fat may trigger the cancer. In […] More

  • krill oil capsules

    Krill Oil Boosts Your Immune System

    Winter brings low temperatures, which in turn can mean that you are susceptible to viruses and illness. Krill oil supplements were proven to boost your immune system. Running or cycling through the winter is recommended to maintain the fitness levels that you’ve worked hard to build up during the summer, but this also means that road grime can […] More

  • man training

    Regular Exercise Prevents Prostate Cancer

    Research shows regular exercise prevents reproductive and colon cancers in men and women. Carried out at the University of California, San Francisco, a study of 71 men with a low risk of prostate cancer showed that genes controlling cell cycling and DNA repair were upregulated in men who performed at least three hours of vigorous exercise […] More

  • having a cold

    5 Tips to Boost Your Immunity

    Contrary to widespread belief, colds and flu aren’t caused by being exposed to cold. This myth is probably a result of that we stay indoors with the windows closed in the colder months, coughing on each other, and consuming an inferior diet of fridge-stored foods. Colds and flu are caused by viruses, which can’t be […] More

  • family running

    Top Tips For Work-Life Balance

    Write down your list of fitness dreams and make it a reality with these great tips for the perfect work-life balance. You have made a decision to spend your weekends running up mountains, entering marathons, climbing peaks or completing cycling races… but your hands are full with work and family commitments. You probably can’t imagine […] More

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