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  • Weekend Adventure: Great Staple Tor Devon

    Weekend Adventure: Great Staple Tor, Devon

    Great Staple Tor is an amazing granite outcrop that is the perfect centerpiece for an exciting two-day Dartmoor adventure.    Why: The rugged wilderness of Dartmoor National Park offers a stunning natural playground for all outdoor enthusiasts. Due to the military ranges, nothing much has changed on the moorland, which means vast open spaces, amazing rocky tors […] More

  • Scientifically-Based Nutritional Strategy for Better Results

    Scientifically-Based Nutritional Strategy for Better Results

    If you follow a scientific nutritional strategy, this can reduce your marathon result for almost 11 minutes. Sport scientists from Denmark suggest that scientifically calculating your race-day nutritional and hydration requirements could cut a very valuable 10 minutes and 55 seconds from your marathon time. Their research in the International Journal of Sports Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism […] More

  • Beetroot For Improved Performance

    Beetroot For Improved Performance

    In the back of the produce section, hidden behind sections of wonderful bright, shiny vegetables, in a range of eye-popping Crayola crayon colors, there’s an unassuming, misshapen dusty-looking vegetable that could immensely improve your training and support heart and artery health at the same time. Consider beetroot as nature’s ideal sports and heart-friendly food wrapped […] More

  • 5 Training Mistakes To Avoid

    Everybody makes mistakes, and coaches tell they’re driven to distraction by seeing the same mistakes made again and again. These are five most frequent training mistakes you should avoid at all costs. 1 EATING TIME The time we eat is usually decided by working hours and social norms rather than by hunger. If you are training a lot, then […] More

  • Work Your Glutes

    Work Your Glutes

    There’s a high chance you’re not firing on all cylinders. Here is how you can tune up your glutes with a few simple exercises and techniques that will bring new levels of power to your pistons. Painful lower back, hamstring niggles, aching quads, IT band trouble or lack of power? There’s a high chance that you’re sitting on the […] More

  • Nutrition Rules for Cycling Success

    Golden Rules About Cycling Nutrition

    You have to get your nutrition right to ensure proper fuelling and recovery to achieve the best possible cycling performance. Cycling is a hard sport. There’s no easy way around it apart from tough training, dedication and commitment. But many cyclists are their own worst enemies because they don’t pay enough attention to proper nutrition. The food […] More

  • Tips to Avoid Runner's Trots

    Running and Gastrointestinal Distress

    Gastrointestinal distress, also called runner’s trots or runner’s diarrhoea, is quite common in endurance activities. Whether you’re running a marathon or an ultra, tackling an Ironman, riding a sportive or having a multi-day trek, those all too familiar rumblings, that bloated feeling, waves of nausea, cramps and desperate dashes to relieve yourself out of either end, can turn even the most […] More

  • Is Your Snack Really a Healthy One?

    Is Your Snack Really a Healthy One?

    Time for a healthy snack! If you are a real fitness enthusiast, you’ll probably avoid chocolate bars and rather reach for a healthier alternative, but how sure you are that cereal bar, fat-free yogurt or dried mango is really a healthy choice? Well, you’ve kicked that nasty sugar habit to keep you going between meals […] More

  • Science Behind Portion Size

    Certain foods can definitely help you perform better. But do you know how much of them should you eat to benefit? Here’s how to spend your calories wisely with this guide to proven portion size. SALMON Proven portion: 1 large fillet/150g Why eat it: To fight inflammation Kcal: 236 Carbs: 0g Protein: 25g Fat: 15g Omega-3 fats […] More

  • How to Maintain Bone Health?

    How to Maintain Bone Health?

    Cycling is extremely beneficial to your leg muscles and cardiovascular system but not so great for your bones. In reality, the more you ride and depending on your diet, the more attention you should to pay to your bone health. Broken bones are fairly common among professional riders. In fact, they are almost a rite of passage. In this […] More

  • New Rules of Cycling

    New Rules of Cycling

    Over the years, fitness practices and techniques have changed a lot. Let’s have a look at some new rules of cycling training. OLD RULE: Ride your bike as much as possible. NEW RULE: Cross training and core work are crucial. In the past, it was believed that the best training was just to ride your bike. While […] More

  • How Caffeine Improves Your Runs

    How Caffeine Improves Your Runs

    Whether it’s the newest high performance running shoe or ditching gluten, runners are seemingly always looking for something that will give them an edge over the competitors. But if you really want to perk up your exercise and races, science still shows that the legal stimulant called caffeine can put more zip in your stride. […] More

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