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  • Coping With DNF

    Coping With DNF

    A DNF leaves every eager runner demoralized and broken. In case you didn’t crossed the finish line, here is some advice to help you coping with DNF. 1 COGNITIVE RESTRUCTURING First, you’ll feel terribly disappointed, but once you are through the initial frustrating feelings, it’s time to move on. Think constructively and set new goals. […] More

  • Scientifically-Based Nutritional Strategy for Better Results

    Scientifically-Based Nutritional Strategy for Better Results

    If you follow a scientific nutritional strategy, this can reduce your marathon result for almost 11 minutes. Sport scientists from Denmark suggest that scientifically calculating your race-day nutritional and hydration requirements could cut a very valuable 10 minutes and 55 seconds from your marathon time. Their research in the International Journal of Sports Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism […] More

  • 5 Training Mistakes To Avoid

    Everybody makes mistakes, and coaches tell they’re driven to distraction by seeing the same mistakes made again and again. These are five most frequent training mistakes you should avoid at all costs. 1 EATING TIME The time we eat is usually decided by working hours and social norms rather than by hunger. If you are training a lot, then […] More

  • Nutrition Rules for Cycling Success

    Golden Rules About Cycling Nutrition

    You have to get your nutrition right to ensure proper fuelling and recovery to achieve the best possible cycling performance. Cycling is a hard sport. There’s no easy way around it apart from tough training, dedication and commitment. But many cyclists are their own worst enemies because they don’t pay enough attention to proper nutrition. The food […] More

  • Training When Tired Maximizes Potential

    Training When Tired Maximizes Potential

    Most of us try to perform at our best in every training session, but training when tired could be the necessary hard slog we need to stimulate adaptation and see improvement. There’s no better feeling than being fit, rested and at one with the bike, when speed comes effortlessly. Maybe more familiar, though, is the […] More

  • Testing FTP and VO2 Max

    Do you feel fit? Do you have the data to back it up and know it for sure? A fitness test provides you with solid evidence to quantify your form — and a benchmark for your training. The most important tests for cyclists are the FTP and VO2 Max tests. The days gradually shorten and the […] More

  • Science Behind Portion Size

    Certain foods can definitely help you perform better. But do you know how much of them should you eat to benefit? Here’s how to spend your calories wisely with this guide to proven portion size. SALMON Proven portion: 1 large fillet/150g Why eat it: To fight inflammation Kcal: 236 Carbs: 0g Protein: 25g Fat: 15g Omega-3 fats […] More

  • A-Z Fitnes Food

    A-Z Fitness Food

    Just like bike design, fitness food is constantly evolving. Covering every aspect, from pre-exercise fuelling to recovery, this is a guide through the foods and supplements that are believed to offer a winning edge. A IS FOR ALANINE An essential amino acid, beta-alanine increases the body’s levels of carnosine, a compound stored in the muscle […] More

  • Benefits of Outdoor Cycling

    Turbo sessions are good, but is your love of hi-tech, high-intensity indoor cycling slashing your time in the great outdoors and limiting your skills? Learn the main benefits of outdoor cycling. Trainer Road, Wattbike, Zwift, Sufferfest, the list goes on; there are numerous ways of spicing up what was once a boring and tedious turbo session. For […] More

  • How Caffeine Improves Your Runs

    How Caffeine Improves Your Runs

    Whether it’s the newest high performance running shoe or ditching gluten, runners are seemingly always looking for something that will give them an edge over the competitors. But if you really want to perk up your exercise and races, science still shows that the legal stimulant called caffeine can put more zip in your stride. […] More

  • 3 Tips to Properly Fuel Your Cycling

    3 Tips to Properly Fuel Your Cycling

    Right nutrition is of great importance for boosting cycling performance. These three golden rules to properly fuel your cycling. Adjust your pre-exercise fuelling to suit the ride. If you’re planning a low-intensity session, carbohydrate loading could lead to weight gain, as your body is primarily using fat as a fuel source. High-intensity interval training, on the […] More

  • Losing Motivation for Exercise?

    Losing Motivation for Exercise?

    Do you also have problems with staying motivated to achieve your fitness goals? We all know how easy it is to get out of the habit of working out and lose motivation for exercise. One of the first things you should do is set primary goals. If you know what you’re working towards and you regularly monitor your progress, […] More

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