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  • 3 Ways of Doing Gym Ball Planks

    3 Ways of Doing Gym Ball Planks

    Tired of holding the same, classic plank? Want to do something new with a gym ball? Try out these four gym ball planks. 1 Knee Tuck Start in a full plank position, legs extended with shins atop stability ball. Draw knees into chest, contracting abs; straighten legs back to the initial position. Repeat for 1 minute. […] More

  • woman performing bosu plank

    3 Ways of Doing Bosu Plank

    Here are 3 ways of doing bosu plank. Try them out and make your exercise more interesting. 1 Bosu Plank Get into a full plank position, holding handles of a bosu with the ball side on the floor. Keep hands under shoulders and hold a straight body position from head to heels. Maintain for 1 minute. 2 […] More

  • Stretching Exercises for Cyclists

    Investing in aerodynamics isn’t just about expensive frames and hidden components. What’s also important is taking the time to make your body aero. Become more flexible with the following stretching exercises and strengthen your back and shoulders with strengthening exercise. This is the perfect time trial position: flat tabletop back to decrease wind resistance, tucked in arms to minimize frontal exposure, and head looking […] More

  • Isometric Training Builds Core Strength

    For more than hundred years, classic core training involved exercises such as sit-ups, back extensions and twists. Isometric training for the core may be a better way to build core strength and stiffness. Core stiffness is essential for athletes because it improves muscular endurance, strengthens muscles, reduces low back pain and improves sports performance. Greater core stiffness transfers strength and speed to […] More

  • 4-Week Weight Training Plan

    4-Week Weight Training Plan

    Want to tone your body and burn fat? What you need is a pair of dumbbells and 30 minutes three times a week. Follow this weight training plan and you’ll see stunning results in just four weeks. Weight training  is just as important for burning fat as cardio exercise. It builds muscle, which in turn increases your metabolic rate, which […] More

  • Get Fit with a 30-Day Burpee Challenge

    Get Fit with a 30-Day Burpee Challenge

    Doing burpees is the one exercise that does it all. Take our burpee challenge to get a firmer and fitter body in the next 30 days. The burpee is probably one of the more demanding fitness moves but that’s because it engages almost every muscle – everything from triceps and biceps to abs, back, glutes and calves. And this means […] More

  • 5 Moves For Great Shape

    Workout to Get in Great Shape

    Follow this total body workout to get in great shape fast! 1 Side lunge – works your inner thighs, outer thighs and butt Stand with your feet slightly apart and your pelvis centred and slightly forward. Hold your back straight and upright. Raise your left foot and move it as far as you can to your […] More

  • plank exercise

    5-Minute Core Workout Routine

    Follow this workout routine with two exercises for a great core and conditioning exercise. Begin with med ball slams. continue with three repetitions of the max effort plank. Do three or four sets with minimal rest between exercises and sets. Med ball slam 1 Start by standing and holding a 5-10kg medicine ball in both […] More