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  • 5 Tips For Dealing With Negative Thoughts

    5 Tips For Dealing With Negative Thoughts

    Positive thinking is the stairway to healthy and happy life. Here are 5 top tips how to deal with negative thoughts. 1. First, be aware of the fact that it’s normal to have negative thoughts about yourself—and you probably always will. What matters is how you deal with the thoughts. If you concentrate on them and listen […] More

  • The Healthier Your Thoughts, The Better You Feel

    Positive Thinking Makes You Feel Better

    If you have troubles with negative thoughts, here are same valuable tips how to make them more positive, and as a result you will feel better. BE KIND TO YOURSELF It’s easy to beat yourself up about not going a training session, but if this leads to a cycle of not going again because you feel so terrible about […] More