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  • The Ultimate Cheat Sheet On Breathing

    The Ultimate Cheat Sheet On Breathing

    Breathing is a reflex: it’s something you do automatically and independently of your conscious mind between 5,000-30,000 times a day and two million to 500 million times during your lifetime. Breathing marks the beginning and end of your life. Keep in mind, if don’t breath right, this can significantly affect your running experience. CONTROL YOUR BREATHING While […] More

  • Tips for Running Uphill Properly

    8 Tips for Running Uphill

    Running uphill is as much a mental battle as a physical ability. Listed below are eight tips that will help you get a foothold. 1 Running uphill can present as much of a psychological barrier as a physical one. For long climbs don’t think about the whole distance. Instead, you should break it down into […] More

  • Importance of Good Posture


    Importance of Good Posture

    Good posture is a crucial part of safe and effective exercise. It’s also a fundamental aspect of everyday life because it promotes balance and healthy alignment throughout your body. Good posture gives you an increased sense of openness and freedom, making you feel and look taller, younger, and more confident. The importance of natural spine alignment Maintaining […] More

  • Evaluate Your Current Fitness Level


    Choose Proper Exercise for Your Fitness Level

    It’s essential that any exercise you do matches your ever-changing fitness and lifestyle needs. Otherwise it won’t be a safe, effective, and pleasant way of producing the results you want—whether that’s increased cardio capacity, a slimmer waist, or more toned arms and abs. So in order to choose the most appropriate exercise for your unique […] More

  • Lifestyle, Psychological and Health Benefits of Regular Exercise

    Lifestyle, Psychological and Health Benefits of Regular Exercise

    Regular exercise is the key to a balanced, dynamic and happy life. It makes you feel good, boosts your body function, restores your physical and mental balance, and keeps your brain sharp and fresh. Take a look at this great range of lifestyle, psychological and health benefits that will make you want to train regularly if you don’t already. […] More