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  • Rowing Is Back!

    Get on board, because the old-school rowing machine could be your ticket to the perfect body. Rowing machines are a staple in most CrossFit boxes. Trendy fitness classes are being created in their honour. Even Robin Wright and Kevin Spacey are sharing serious screen time with them on House of Cards. Yes, this is true, rowing machines […] More

  • Do You Get Enough Protein for Proper Recovery?

    Do You Get Enough Protein for Proper Recovery?

    Nutritionally, if you’re trying to increase your power you need to make sure that you’re taking on enough protein to help your muscles recover properly from your training. Resistance work requires a small increase in your protein intake to compensate for the muscular breakdown and repair. If your goal is to boost your power make […] More

  • Exercises to Boost Your Uphill Performance

    Workout to Boost Your Uphill Performance

    You need great power to blast up hills on foot or bike. Follow this muscle-building workout routine to make ascents easy. Building up leg strength for both runners and cyclists can be the key to unlocking fresh personal bests over any race distances. Power growth should play a key role in all distances. Power is measured […] More