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  • running

    10 Tips For Being a Confident Runner

    The resilience of every runner is tested by mental and physical challenges, and scientists agree it’s confidence that will carry you through. Follow these top 10 tips to become a confident runner and put a spring in your step. 1 KEEP A DIARY Keeping track of your thoughts and feelings can be a good way to keep […] More

  • Danielle Magiera

    Danielle Magiera’s Story: Persistence Pays Off

    “Remember, you can’t climb the ladder of success with your hands in your pockets.” Do you think that running is not in your blood and you can’t become a successful endurance runner and complete a marathon race? Have you suffered an injury and you are afraid to start running again? This true, inspirational story of willpower […] More

  • achieving goals

    How to Change Your Life for Good?

    When you decide to fundamentally change your life it’s important to have a plan, as well as realistic expectations of what you can achieve within a decided period of time. By having these two essential ingredients you are able to to control both the direction of the journey, as well as the eventual result. However, […] More

  • 6 Steps to Change Your Mindset

    6 Steps to Change Your Mindset

    Much like mother nature changes the world around us, people look for ways to change their own lives by transforming their bodies. One thing that people often forget is the fact that a body transformation has to begin with a mental transformation. Here are 6 steps to change your mindset. A common mistake that people make is not making the necessary changes to […] More

  • Training the Mind For Sport

    Everyone who has ever competed at a high level of sport knows that controlling the mind is often the difference between winning and losing. At high levels, everyone is physically gifted and skilled, so the winner is often decided by whoever has the strongest mind. For more than hundred years, experts have known that central nervous system fatigue […] More

  • How to Motivate Yourself

    How to Motivate Yourself for Workout

    Are you wondering how to motivate yourself on the days you’re flagging? To boost your workout performance, try these tricks. VISUALIZE Use your imagination and see yourself coming back from that gym class or running session, jumping in a hot shower, relishing a warm bowl of porridge. Imagine yourself bouncing through your day post-exercise; visualize the energy and post-workout […] More

  • 5 Tips For Dealing With Negative Thoughts

    5 Tips For Dealing With Negative Thoughts

    Positive thinking is the stairway to healthy and happy life. Here are 5 top tips how to deal with negative thoughts. 1. First, be aware of the fact that it’s normal to have negative thoughts about yourself—and you probably always will. What matters is how you deal with the thoughts. If you concentrate on them and listen […] More

  • The Healthier Your Thoughts, The Better You Feel

    Positive Thinking Makes You Feel Better

    If you have troubles with negative thoughts, here are same valuable tips how to make them more positive, and as a result you will feel better. BE KIND TO YOURSELF It’s easy to beat yourself up about not going a training session, but if this leads to a cycle of not going again because you feel so terrible about […] More

  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

    Mind Training: Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

    If you are experiencing performance-related anxiety, if you feel you are not effective any more, if you are convinced you are not good enough, or you can’t progress to the next level, if you feel you are not fit enough to even start exercising, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) can help you deal with and overcome all these problems. Let’s […] More

  • Emotional Freedom Method

    Mind Training: Emotional Freedom Technique

    Emotional freedom technique  (EFT) is about tapping fingers against your skin at specific points while thinking of a painful issue. This might sound a bit crazy, but there is evidence proving that it works. MRI scans have shown that stimulating acupuncture points on the skin decreases activity in the areas of the brain responsible for […] More

  • Mind Training: Neuro Linguistic Programming

    Mind Training: Neuro-Linguistic Programming

    It’s hard to know how to change, if you don’t know what’s wrong. That’s where neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) can help. Basically, this is the exploration of how our thoughts affect our feelings, and how our feelings affect our actions. When you understand what’s not working, and know how to change it to make it work, […] More

  • Mind Training: Hypnosis

    Mind Training: Hypnosis

    The root of a sport’s problem is likely to be discovered within a limiting core belief that was shaped in your childhood. In such situations, hypnosis might help because it has the capacity to reach subconscious problems. Imagine a footballer, wondering why he couldn’t cope with a seemingly easy (but important) challenge. After the match […] More

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