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  • a couple running

    Best Running Tips For Beginners and Pros

    Ask a personal trainer, nutritionist, or sports-medicine physician for some running advice and wisdom, and if they are pros, they’ll first ask you: What kind of a runner are you? The advice will vary a lot, depending on how old, how experienced and how serious you are. Training, nutrition, and even psychological needs change as […] More

  • Exercise and Pregnancy

    Exercise and Pregnancy

    Exercise regularly to build a fit and strong body and so facilitate a healthy pregnancy. Learn why it’s advisable to continue working out throughout pregnancy. Bringing a child into this world is one of life’s greatest miracles, but it definitely isn’t simple. Nevertheless, if you have the opportunity to plan and prepare for the moment then body and mind will be […] More

  • Benefits of Exercise During Pregnancy

    It’s important to get into shape before pregnant because this enables you to continue training at the same level throughout your pregnancy. Learn the main benefits of exercise during pregnancy. Working out throughout your pregnancy: Increases the size of the placenta and in this way improves the transportation of vital oxygen-rich blood and nutrients to your baby. Increases […] More

  • Benefits of Exercise Pre-Pregnancy

    It’s important to create a strong body to facilitate a healthy pregnancy. Learn the main benefits of getting into shape pre-pregnancy. Exercise before pregnancy: Improves conception outcomes. Makes it easier for you to bounce back quickly. Enables you to continue training at the same level during your pregnancy. Reduces risks of pregnancy-related complications. Decreases chances of gestational diabetes. More