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  • Refreshing Blueberry Soup

    When a speed workout saps your energy, this purple blueberry soup energizes your body again. The yogurt gives you the dose of protein that your body needs to repair your hard-working muscles, while blueberries, rich in anti-inflammatory qualities, help relieve soreness. Serve the soup in a glass bowl or even a wide-mouthed jar so you can savor the color along with the flavor. […] More

  • Role of Amino Acids

    Role of Amino Acids

    What are amino acids and why are they important? When should you take amino acid supplements? Amino acids are building blocks for proteins. All protein foods are made of amino acids. When we consume protein, we break it down into the aminos. We have to eat eight essential amino acids – we can’t make it […] More

  • How Much Protein Does My Body Need?

    How Much Protein Does My Body Need?

    If you are wondering how much protein your body needs after a long bike ride, this is how you can calculate the amount you need. You need a certain amount of protein every day and this is in relation to your body weight, the number of your daily training sessions, and your body composition targets. For most people 2.2g of protein per […] More