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  • 8 Tips For Becoming A Weekend Warrior

    8 Tips For Becoming A Weekend Warrior

    During the week, there’s often not enough time to exercise, thus you can decide to train on the weekend. Here are 8 tips for becoming a weekend warrior. 1. Commit to exercise every weekend. Get yourself in the habit of exercising on both Friday and Saturday. This will help balance out any faux pas you might make on the weekend and will […] More

  • 8 Tips To Improve Your Gym Time

    8 Tips To Improve Your Gym Time

    Nowadays, life is hectic and we often have to try hard to find time for regular training. But when you’re at the gym it’s quite easy to get caught up in things that distract you, waste your time and detract from the effectiveness and intensity of your workout. Here are 8 tips that will help you leave the gym […] More

  • 4 Rules for Winter Cycling

    4 Rules for Winter Cycling

    Here are four tried and tested rules for more effective winter cycling. 1 DON’T STICK TO INDOOR RIDING The world of cycling has begun to lose a number of good cyclists down the black hole of virtual reality training. Although indoor riding is warmer, easier and more convenient, don’t forget on outdoor cycling. Riding outside improves your health, your skills and your fitness. […] More

  • How to Return after an Injury?

    How to Return after an Injury?

    Suffered an injury? Here are some tips how to productively return to training. 1 Proceed slowly Plan a slow return to training and avoid over-doing it. This will help you to avoid the boom and bust cycle where athletes attempt to return too quickly (boom) and, as a result, aggravate their injury. 2 Seek professional advice Of […] More

  • a couple running

    Best Running Tips For Beginners and Pros

    Ask a personal trainer, nutritionist, or sports-medicine physician for some running advice and wisdom, and if they are pros, they’ll first ask you: What kind of a runner are you? The advice will vary a lot, depending on how old, how experienced and how serious you are. Training, nutrition, and even psychological needs change as […] More

  • Core Strength is Crucial for Faster Running

    Core Strength is Crucial for Faster Running

    All runners experienced in long-distance races, such as marathons, 10Ks and 5Ks, will tell you that speed and endurance largely depend on core strength. If you have good core strength, the force is going down from your front arm, through your body, to your hips to the back arm. Every fiber of your body is […] More

  • running form

    What’s the Ideal Running Form?

    The obsession with mid-foot, getting stride length right, “perfect” cadence, and other things. Is there such thing as the “ideal running form?”  In essence, the answer to the question is easy: relax, be smooth, be fluid. Or in other words, put one foot in front of the other and don’t fall down. That apt expression of […] More

  • 8 Rules to Lose Weight Fast

    8 Rules to Lose Weight Fast

    Did you know that dropping pounds could be as easy as rearranging your fridge? Here are eight top rules that will help you to lose weight fast. Do you sometimes have no control over whether you finish a bag of crisps or not, or you can’t understand why you ate a second helping of pudding last night? […] More

  • 5 Ways to Keep Your Water Bottle Clean

    You use your water bottle every time you exercise so make sure bacteria don’t build up inside it. Here are five ways how to keep your bottles clean and safe. If you drink energy drinks, or even squash, to flavor the water you take on your training session, then it’s definitely worth taking a couple of minutes to sterilize […] More

  • What's the Best Time for Weight Lifting?

    What’s the Best Time for Weight Lifting?

    The best part of the day for weight lifting is the afternoon. This is because the afternoon is the time when your muscle strength is at its peak, your body is warm so there’s a lesser risk of injury, and your pain threshold is at its lowest. Sounds good, right? More

  • Tips for Safe Running on Hot Days

    Tips for Safe Running on Hot Days

    These tips will help you cope with high temperatures and run safely on hot days. Run early morning or late evening when it’s cool. You should always avoid the midday sun. Make sure you stay well hydrated and not just with water. You’ll lose vital electrolytes in sweat, so replace them with a sports drink. […] More

  • Tips to Improve Sports Performance With Sleeping

    If you want to maximize recovery time, you should first get enough sleep because rest significantly improves your sports performance. Here are some useful tips how to sleep better. 1 START DAYDREAMING Sink into sleep by visualizing success – the best athletes use this technique all the time. Just close your eyes and visualize doing something really well, whether it’s a […] More

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