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  • Walk to Live Longer

    Walk to Live Longer

    Want to live longer? A new Australian study says swapping one hour of sitting with walking every day can do just that. The findings, published in the International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity, reviewed data from more than 200,000 middle-aged and senior adults over a 4-year period and discovered that a 1-hour walk every day reduced risk […] More

  • walking for weight loss with Walking speed

    Walking for weight loss, adjust your walking speed

    Walking for weight loss If you are walking for weight loss, varying your walking speed is important, according to a 2015 Ohio State University study into the mechanics of walking. The study discovered that by changing speeds incessantly there’d be a 20% increase in calorie cost. Walking speed But there’s also an easier way. The same amount of extra […] More

  • How to Avoid a Strain?

    How to Recover From Acute Lower Back Pain?

    Lower back pain usually appears and settle quickly, but it can also lead to a chronic, complex condition. How long does recovery take? In general, 80-90% of lower back pain wears off in about 6-8 weeks, but every person is different. How to recover? Pay attention to your symptoms and be guided by your physio. […] More

  • Weekend Adventure: Great Staple Tor Devon

    Weekend Adventure: Great Staple Tor, Devon

    Great Staple Tor is an amazing granite outcrop that is the perfect centerpiece for an exciting two-day Dartmoor adventure.    Why: The rugged wilderness of Dartmoor National Park offers a stunning natural playground for all outdoor enthusiasts. Due to the military ranges, nothing much has changed on the moorland, which means vast open spaces, amazing rocky tors […] More

  • Grab the Chance to Exercise Outdoors

    Grab Every Chance to Exercise Outdoors

    New statistics show that an enormous number of Britons rather exercise outdoors in Britain’s great ‘green gym’ surrounded by the natural environment. A study by Natural England calculated that 1.3 billion people headed to the countryside for health and exercise between March 2013 and February 2014, which is the highest number of visits to the countryside ever recorded. […] More

  • What's the Best Time to go For a Walk?

    What’s the Best Time to go For a Walk?

    First thing in the morning. Getting for a walk at this time of day helps to re-set your body clock after a night’s sleep, which helps you to have more energy throughout the day – very important once the clocks go back! More

  • Walking Away From Fat

    Walking Away From Fat

    Want to lose those pounds and firm up for free? You can do it with just three half-hour walking sessions per week. And you’ll see results – fast! An exercise that burns 400 calories an hour (that’s four Jaffa Cakes or one-and-a-half jam doughnuts), shifts fat, tones your legs, bum and tum and makes your heart stronger – and it […] More

  • Planning A Hiking Trip With Your Children

    You are planning a hiking trip with your children. Before you start thinking about which hills to head up, you should think about what you and your family want to get from the trip. In case you are heading out only to bag a few Munros that you haven’t quite got round to yet, there’s a great chance you are setting […] More

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    Go Hiking With Your Children

    Sharing your passion for hiking and backpacking with your offspring can be an enjoyable and rewarding experience. You may not want to take them with you each time you head into the hills—we all have days when we’d rather be responsible only for ourselves, and there’s nothing wrong with that—but you can spend a really amazing and fun day (or more […] More

  • Kit List for a Family Hike

    Beside all the usual things you would pack for a day’s hike, you’ll need to supplement with additional bits and pieces to keep your whole family safe and content throughout the family hike outdoors. Babycarrier: If your child is under three, there’s great chance you’ll end up carrying them for much of the walk. Trekking poles: […] More

  • World’s Finest Multi-Day Routes

    From UK favorites to international icons, and from one-week hikes to month-long ultra-walks, these are some of the world’s greatest multi-day routes worldwide. THE KERRY WAY, Ireland The entire south-west coast of Ireland is considered wild, but the Inveragh Peninsula is something else altogether. Its coastline is torn ragged by the Atlantic on three sides while inland lies Macgillycuddy’s Reeks, […] More

  • UK’s Six Popular Hills to Visit Time and Again

    Here is a list of UK’s six popular hills, not the grandest and certainly not the most remote, which many hikers have already climbed several times and would be happy to return to. 1 Top o’ Selside The high point of the sprawling moorland east of Coniston Water offers an amazing view in all the Lakes, over […] More

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